Meditation as a Transformative Power

Meditation is more than achieving tranquility. It is about changing the world, one person at a time by attaining peace within.

8/17/20221 min read

What is meditation? Is it possible to see it as not only a positive influence in our lives, but as a positive force? As a power that has the capacity to transform us to the best version of ourselves? Typically, when we think of power it has a negative connotation to it. We think of power as something bad. But what about the power it takes to change oneself? Isn’t courage a powerful positive force with the capacity to change ourselves? Many people equivalate meditation to relaxation, as something calm and passive. What if meditation could be both, something powerful that can transform us and something that gives us a sense of peace? But can peace and power go hand in hand? Can peace be considered something powerful? In order for this to be true in our minds we have to change our perception of peace. Peace is not something that is passive but something that has the capacity to change not only ourselves, but to change society and the world at large. But the change begins with each individual choosing to become a peaceful, powerful person through meditation.