The Difference between Meditation and the Way We Think

Meditation is more than altering our thoughts. While reframing our thoughts can help us become more objective, true meditation can help us transform into the best versions of ourselves

8/17/20221 min read

Meditation has become a buzz word and people understand only aspects of what it means. Some people believe meditation is equivalent to relaxation, however, relaxation is a by-product of meditation. There is a depth to meditation. It is a state of being. It doesn't occur in the mind; it helps us get to a place beyond the mind. If meditation is beyond the thoughts it is important to understand the difference between meditation and altering our thoughts. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an example of a commonly used therapeutic intervention that many therapists (including myself) use. This approach is very effective because we can see how our mind can influence our subjective reality. We believe a particular thought to be true and it genuinely affects our emotions/feelings. While CBT is very effective in altering the way we think about a situation, most of us can agree it is not meditation. Meditation is a transformative experience. It should help us transform to the best versions of ourselves.